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Fans of Jennifer Connelly
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Discuss anything related to Jennifer Connelly, post pictures & videos, introduce yourself, etc!
Jennifer is one of the most talented and down-to-Earth actresses in the movie business. She has been acting since she was twelve and won the Oscar for best supporting actress in 2001, for her moving performance as Alicia Nash in A Beautiful Mind.

Born in upstate New York and raised in Brooklyn Heights, she has a love for the east coast. Currently, she resides in Brooklyn with her husband, British actor Paul Bettany, and two sons, Kai and Stellan. However, they have reportedly put their home up for sale and are moving to Tribeca in Manhattan. The couple tries to take turns when making movies, so that someone is always able to spend time with the kids.

Join this community if you appreciate Jen's work! There needs to be an active place where people actually discuss her movies and what not. I mean, you really can't not be a fan, can you? Nope!